Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stuck in a Fuck

Stuck in a fuck is like stick by a fish or choke a bone in your throat, here the scenario: you're eating a duck, a duck that roasted and having a damn good looking and shining crispy skin. you're wondering why the duck got goosebumps, it can clearly be seen all over it's body, those little dots is like it got freaked out when it's going to be roasted in the barbeque oil tank that look like a hole that lead you straight to the hell and nothing in there but screams and fires. Did the duck really get freaked out, it's dead for a damn long time before he got into the fire? but why it's still looks so freaked out?

Well, seems you can't find the answer, might as well just start eating it, you ripped off it's leg far away from it's hip, juice and oil splashed out. You took the drumstick and put into your mouth and start chewing it. While you still wondering "Is this how my skin gonna look like when i died?" a little tiny bone just got miss-chewed(miss chew sound like some Chinese secretary sitting in the middle of a office that picking up all the calls) and float right into the deep side of your throat, you got choked, cough and having this really bad feeling. Just like a living duck got miss-thrown(Oh, this Thai lady really fucked up, she got thrown away...)to the fire but the rope on it's legs got stuck on top of the fireplace and in front of it, is the red hot flaming fire and the back is the duck-fucker that nailing them with a 24-inches question mark rusty nail right from the bottom of the duckass up until their mouth. But one thing is good about the duck-fucker, he'll give the ducks a blowjob before sending them to the fire, ducks get blown by fan or wind or from the chef, mouth to mouth. something to do with making the meat more chewy.

So you can't swallow it, it might coming out from your asshole exactly the same shape and size like when you've swallow it, pain? But you can't get it out from your throat either. You're so fucked! to get a duck bone stuck in your throat. Then you start looking for solutions, pressing your chest damn hard to get the bone out of there, like happened in most of the movies, when there's a Rainman/Forrest Gump looking guy help a respective old man to get the chestnut out from his throat and everybody in the room thought he's retard; swallow a riceball to make the bone get rolled by when the riceball rolling by, exactly like a bowling ball rolling on the track and hit the pin then carry it along to somewhere dark and mystery at the back of the bowling track, maybe a serial killer is working at the back starring at your girlfriend's boobs with binoculars while she's bending over to throw the ball.

Panic ain't gonna help, suddenly this stupid "how my skin gonna look like when i died?"'s answer pop-up in your brain. Oh fuck, i'm gonna died with a goosebumps skin like the fucked up duck, cause i'm so freaking out now! So you stuck by the duck, right after you had this stupid thoughts about why it's skin looks this way. Choke by a duck sounds exactly like stuck in a fuck... but the story got two barely different ending, stuck by a duck, you might think, "Phew~ Oh my god, i would never ever dare to eat a duck again.(at least for the coming couples of months)" but stuck in a fuck? once you get it out... "Phew~ Oh my god, let's do it again!!"

*oh! i'll be damned, this is what i've been missing? oh, is so good to start writing again, i've stopped for a loooong time, longer than Justin. I was thinking to write something, but my brain just got blank, then suddenly this "stuck into something" is what i am right now, i'm stuck in the middle of something, obviously not stuck in a fuck, if yes, i'd not writing here, i'd like "let's do it again~". so I was so stuck and so fucked, so i was stuck in a fuck, then words and words just keep coming out once i placed my fingers on the keyboards, but anyway i have to thanks to Terri Berri on her "fight and flight". i was thinking something to comment since she has a "fight in a flight" then i've got fork in a fish, and so on so on, slowy it creeps into duck in the dark, stuck in a fuck, clock in the cloak, suck in a straws, folk on a fart...

In memory of !XOBILE...

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