Wednesday, March 21, 2007




model : Danielle, Dominic's nephew
camera : Lomo LC-A

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jovin : waiting

Last weekend, 11/03/2007 I went to KTM Station, Kuala Lumpur with Kahgiap, Yewkong and Jovin for a project photography shooting.
This project was planned by Kahgiap and he found Jovin, Kahgiap's secondary schoolmate as the project's object.
Reached there about 10am, weather wasn't that good; cloudy but hot. Been to 3 places for shooting : Central Market Annex Gallery, Dayabumi and KTM Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.
What's the project about? just wait and see... still under progressing.
That was my 1st time to carry the Seagull TLR for taking photo outdoor, is kinda hard to use. But for me, the result is great, very unique depth of field, softener effect and unexpected out of focus.

Thanks to Jac(Marlboro123) who bought this lovely antique camera for my all the way from China.

Seagull 4A Two Lens Reflex

Saturday, March 17, 2007

什么是22.2.222.55?what the heck is

is time to exercise your fingers,

take out your cellphone,

go to SMS, use normal "abc" and press this:

22 (press keypad "2" twice and wait for a while)
2 (press keypad "2" once and wait for a while)
222 (press keypad "2" three times and wait for a while)
5 (press keypad "5" once and wait for a while)

*note: not to insert "2" in the screen, but just press "2" and don't care of what's gonna appear in the text space
(for those who don't know where is the number 2 in keypad, well, is in between of 1 & 3, above of 5; and number 5 is in between 4 & 6, below of 2 and above of 8)

Yes! is "back"!

i'm back! back from Chinese New Year holidays!(perhaps Holly Days)

but too bad, i'm still in holidays mood.

someone please slap to wake me up?