Sunday, September 28, 2008


so exciting view
the beginning
still beginning...
R&R again...

15 minutes away from the camp side, let's DIVE!!!

camera : Lomo Compact Automat
film : Konica SRM 200

Friday, September 26, 2008



Monday, September 22, 2008


記得夏永康(Wing Shya)說過“懶散是很浪漫的”我絕對贊成,很喜歡看一些“懶散”的照片,比如披頭散髮地躺在床上吸煙,眼睜睜地傻傻看着窗...等等。這些照片的感覺都是很懶散很浪漫。

但是如果要相比,我覺得神經病更浪漫,之前看過Rain主演的《飞越疯人院》就覺得精神病患的愛情故事很浪漫,很瀟灑,很大膽,很真...上個月看過由樂隊U2的主音Bono寫的一部叫The Million Dollar Hotel的舊電影,更對精神病患者的愛情故事羡慕及妒嫉。

如果說“懶散是浪漫”那麽懶散加上神經病就是浪漫的頂點,也就是普通人很難享受到的浪漫,除非你愛上一個懶散的瘋人!比如:村上春樹的《挪威的森林》裡頭的直子,Fight Club裏頭的Tyler Durden或是《墮落天使》裏頭的金城武或莫文蔚...他們都是一級的懶散瘋人!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

if she could speak...

camera : Lomo Compact Automat
film : Kodak Elitechrome Extra Color 100

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


sent my film to Edmund on Monday night, he got it on yesterday, i gave him 2 rolls of 120 and a roll of 135 kodak EBX, the 2 rolls of 120 were taken in Roost JuiceBar but there were nothing, nothing as in can't see anything, another 2 rolls of failure. For the another roll of Kodak EBX 135, i totally forgot what's inside. Today, edmund sent me this picture through like this picture very much, it was taken in Genting First World Indoor Theme Park. Finally the feel of Lomography came back to me, i think i've lost it since long time ago. Thanks to beebee & Jeremy for bringing us there, thanks to Jhunnie & Eva for being there at the night, without you both without this shot, and thanks to Edmund helps me to send this roll to FotoMega, Tmn Desa Setapak. This is the fun of using analogue camera, if you forget what you've snap inside a roll of film, you'll be surprised when you got the film developed, "The Future is Analogue"!!!

and thanks to the stranger that standing still there :)

camera : Lomo Compact Automat
film : Kodak Elitechrome Extra Color 100

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'm a loser...

congratulations to the winner:

can't wait

Today got home early, after dinner with mum, she conquered the TV, i can't watch movie, tot of going for a swim, but too fulled, tot of updating my blog, since I've reserved so long for my Johor trip picture, but still i don't have those pictures, so i can't update, once again, reserved...

i even use my pictures taken with handphone on my blog, really can't wait, although i didn't shot a lot, but this trip was so much fun, now the excitement is with me, so tot of getting those pic before it's cold.

Ah!!! can't wait anymore: even draw with pencil tool in illustrator only take 3-4 minutes to complete all this "scamps" below, haih, play what LOMO ah, go for Nikon D90 lah!!!
*slap*slap*slap* sorry jeep, jeep+ naughty, okok, be cool, he knows he's wrong now, he admits fault...*slap*(again)
1st lomo.location: pineapple plantation: LOL, weechonghooi jumped for many times, because his jumping is damn cool, everyone wants to capture.
2nd Lomo.Location: Tanjung Piai, Eva's snapping the direction board
3rd Lomo.Location: Kukup, sunset of Kukup, silhouette of Rest house
4th Lomo.Location: Roost Juice Bar, my dream restaurant.
4th Lomo.Location: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls, jeremy and beebee can't wait to swim because of the freaking hot weather, hahaha! nice swimming trunk, jeremy!
5th Lomo.Location: opposite of Singapore(sorry, forgot what's that place) we ate seafood there, before we went back to KL.

camera: LCA
film : Lomo Xpro Slide

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


What kind of hair style should go for?(if with reference picture would be better)


picture no.1-3 by edmund with canon g9

P/S: my sister went to Shanghai's Nike 10km Human Race, kindly visit to her blog and see what is actually "crowded" mean.


頻密地 看、找、 関,

在那一行又一行的人群中 看不見你,


累... 累了 原來藏在灰色人們中,

跑上跑下 四肢乏力,


想着灰色的天空下 你在干什麽,

干什麽 爲什麽,

爲了什麽 干了什麽,

到底是好事 究竟也希望是,




盼望無色的你 另一方多姿多彩!

真糟糕 領夜...

camera : Holga
film : Fuji Tungsten 120 64iso