Thursday, September 14, 2006

偷襲 : : Sneak attack

What kind of attack is the most hardly to defense? yup, sneak attack and ambush!the damage is much more greater if it happens from behind of you, not only impossible to guard even hard to prevent. Today is the first day of shifting in my new "house" FIRST DAY! I've been attacked. I just wanted to be friendly, so I allow everyone to leave a comment on my new "house". But I've been attacked by a mystery sniper, and I believe this mystery sniper must be one of my friends. Hey Buddy, what a creative present for me! A little too much for me, haha! But still have to thanks for dropping by, thank you very much! If anything wrong with my new "house" please let me know, I'll try my best to make it, thanks again!

1 comment:

Reinert said...

That's my legs with my sexy sandals!