Monday, January 29, 2007

Man with a guitar

he is my dad, my dad is my idol, he is doing what exactly i want to do, he composes great songs, he owns a very good guitar, he writes script for some short film now even movie.

this picture taken in an ordinary Saturday morning, while we are going to take his car and he is going to send me to somewhere. i took this photograph with his camera, a very classic Nikon Nikomat EL, but now its belongs to me. Although we are staying together, but the chance like this, that i could walk with him, having breakfast together, driving in a same car is less, he is such a busy man and so do i.

But there is a scene always appear in my mind,

when i was standard 2, my dad used to send me to school with his scramble while he was still a guitar teacher in my hometown. there was once when he was riding me to school, the weather turned bad suddenly, sun was hidden, cloud turned black & heavy. i was scare, not afraid of the bad weather that would wet me like a fish, but my dad, because i'm gonna reached school in less than a minute, but he had to ride back to house after sending me, that was quite a long journey and i knew he didn't bring raincoat. After dropping me at my school, still not raining yet, he told me he was rushing back, and he gone. So i stepped into my class, just in a second of time the bloody rain dropped like waterfalls and thunder was as loud as tearing the sky. the very first thing came to my mind was, Shit, my dad gonna wet and maybe he could got sick. i was thinking, thinking and thinking, the scene that he ridded in the heavy rain kept on flash on my mind, and finally i cried, many of my classmates asked me what happened, i just couldn't tell.

my dad is such a hero, he could actually turn back to house and get a raincoat before the heavy rain, but he didn't, i think because he don't want me to be late. No matter how bad the weather is, he just wanted his son to be in school, this scene always a good alarm for me, telling me to do the best on my school.

but i didn't do well when came to secondary school, my results sux, because i started to be rebel when my dad started his singing career in city, he only came back to home once in a week then once in a month... but honestly my studies sux not because of him, I’m not that kind of kid in movie. maybe i found what kind of life I’m going thru, I don't need to study so much, because those stuff that taught in school weren't that useful for my future. i don't want to be sitting in a lab calculating the nuclear, atom, proton, pH... i don't want to be breaking code in CIA, FBI... i don't think i could invent something that gonna helps a lot of people, but i could invent lots of nonsence stuff. What i wannabe is like my dad, go around the nation, singing beautiful songs to people, compose & produce great music. I started play band in secondary school, but end up I realise band can't live long; I need a proper job to give me foods. And so am I now, instead of sitting in a lab, I’m sitting in a studio; at least it doesn't sound that boring (but still is a closed box.)

but I never let my dream just go like that, I still wish to play band, I still wish I could write some great song( but i don't know music theory ), why my dream still with me? Because of you, my dad, he achieves his dream in the age of 50. Late is better than none, correct?

At last I think my mum is important, without her and her supports how could my dad and I live today? Maybe my dad is still a guitar teacher in my hometown, if my dad is still a guitar teacher, I think I’ll be a Chinese language teacher in my primary school. And my sister…maybe a housewife, wahahahahaha!!!!! By the way, my sister is working as producer in a productions house in Shanghai.

Erm? so this blog end up is about “I have a great mother”?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

(RED)alert by Dazed Digital

Dom & Sue, your "last trip of single" picture featured in Dazed Digital's (RED)alert.

And guess what? my TanTan also there, thanks Reinert !

What is (RED)alert?
(RED)alert was a live 24 broadcast on World Aids Day - December 1st 2006 - for (RED)™ and the global fight against AIDS.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sad in the night

pic by jeepeng @ Seagull TLR

Sad in the night
He only needed at the night or in the darkness,
He gave the light and shows the direction when sightless,
While the others going to rest, he starts his job loneliness,
He always faces down, without letting know his sadness.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Ta da! my Absolut Prize is here, arrived at my office this morning around 11am. this parcel really cheer up my boring monday. Thanks to Absolut Vodka, Lomography Society International & DHL!

Sunday, January 21, 2007



Saturday, January 20, 2007

20days in a blink


Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's ROCK!!!

OAG the rock fans









muse, world tour '07 concert ticket!!!