Sunday, January 28, 2007

(RED)alert by Dazed Digital

Dom & Sue, your "last trip of single" picture featured in Dazed Digital's (RED)alert.

And guess what? my TanTan also there, thanks Reinert !

What is (RED)alert?
(RED)alert was a live 24 broadcast on World Aids Day - December 1st 2006 - for (RED)™ and the global fight against AIDS.

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sai said...

Tan x2 looks so cool !!!!
And its good to create awareness for the existence of 'Anti Aids Website' . Keep up the good works.

dominic said...

now i'm here on behald of mr. dominic and ms. sue to talk about the modelling fees and surcharge of the advertisement campaign!

modelling - RM 1.00 (RM 0.50 each)
ads campaign - RM 10.00
total - RM 11.00

would u want it to be settle in 24 months time or we bring this over as a court case?

jeepeng said...

what? instead i think u should pay me, hahahaha! okok, let's deal it with an ice-lemoned tea.

dominic said...

no... limau ais kurang manis. ok? my fav beverage!

Reinert Lee said...

Hey jeep, thanks for the info...I was just only know about the RED(Alert) selection photos! And, do i need to pay for your TanTan or not? :$