Friday, February 02, 2007

Thaipusam @ Batu Caves

::1st February 2007::
ent Batu Caves yesterday for the celebration of Thaipusam with Syahrulfikri & moqh, meet ypink there. Reached there about 8am, missed the holy river bathing session....
The night before Thaipusam i SMS syarulfikri that i'm not feeling well and i'm not going, but when i woke up the next day, i was feeling very well and i got nothing to do, since i gotto send my mother to my uncle's house in Wangsa Maju, so i called Syarulfikri in the morning and told him that i'm gonna meet him there.
that was my very 1st time to Batu Caves and join our Indian friends on Thaipusam celebration. very nice, next year will be there again. the 272 steps staircase seems like nothing to me, but after the event i can't feel my leg anymore. Aarh!!!i think i need to exercise more.
when you look at those pictures i took on that day with my lovely LCA, maybe you would think that the environment was fulled with smell of sweat, but it's not, you can smell very good smell of jasmine flower all the way, from the main entrance to the summit of the hill.
People are very friendly and kind, they were happy to see us joining the celebration of theirs, instead of thinking "Aiyoh, none of your business lah~ go back to sleep lah! is already crowded here..." no, they won't, they would like you to join the joy, dance with them, sing along with them, and smile with them.
This is a very nice event for photography shooting, their costume and accessories are colourful, their smiles are truly and the happiness is everywhere.
Batu Caves
Large needle across his mouth
mama said don't play fire
A 42.7m high statue of Lord Murugan, highest standing statue in the world
Bells on leg
Many Foreigners were there
beginning of 272 steps to the summit
the black t-shirt guy that looking at me is mOqh, Lomokids' boss
Half way
going down, reaching 92nd
pierce on his back
Young devotee
imagine i'm standing on my dream stage
er...i think most of you can figure out what's these
stylo female photographer
people gone, rubbish left.
the spirit is in his body
Syahrulfikri request for this pic(wondering what's so special abt the plastic bags?)
one of the devotee, jeep & che guevara


Reinert Lee said...

Very nice festival & good place for shooting....I felt like i missed with the crowd!!

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Anonymous said...

加油 ﹗ LO 屎

DreaMachine said...

whoa.. i love the colours of the pics. my favourite was the one with the footsteps descending the stairs. you must be bending down and waiting for the right moment to capture it. anyway, i was in a thaipusam celebration as well in penang. will try to blog about it. ;)

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Anonymous said...

哈哈 ﹗
治平 ﹕L O 屎
嬰兒 ﹕L O 屎

vinjosufLKH said...

i just wonder when u teach mi that??

i'm loving it more than McD

n gonna ask for more than Pepsi

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