Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wonderful Morning

Had a really surprising & wonderful morning today, 14th April 2007 - the next day of Black Friday.

Met up with Pan & Dream, they were here in Malaysia for business trip all the way from Hong Kong. What a coincidence, this morning was Lomokids' Lomoday in Petaling Street, so get them to come along with us so can get to know more Lomographers in Malaysia in a shot. Around 9:30am after picking up Pan & Dream, joint Ching, ypink, reinert & yunc's breakfast in Petaling Street, Dominic & Sue got there later and we were talking not only Lomography but about everything after finish our breakfast and we walked around in Masjid Jamek area. Separated with Pan at 12pm, and brought Dream to Dataran Merdeka(and Kahgiap were there) and had lunch together in Central Market, got a lots of useful information from Dream regarding our trip to Hong Kong.

and bye-bye with them unofficially at 3pm. See you guys next time, maybe in Hong Kong. Hope you guys had a nice morning with us as well.
(Right:)Pan Chan, GM & Creative Director of
(waiting for a huge group photo @ Plaza S&M)

(middle:) Dream Li, Sales & Marketing Manager of
(changing film into Holga @ Dayabumi)

Dear Pan & Dream, thank you so much for the lovely gifts, really appreciate them, love them very much! Pan gave me a postcard with their Lomography Shop's map at the back, in case i'm lost, i can refer to the map and get to their Lomography Shop Hong Kong where just next to end of Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan(上環).Thanks again!!!
All pictures taken by Olympus mju 300 Digital


b said...

wow!! Cool!

you guys gotta meet them!

See you in HK in summer time! (^o^)//

I changed my blog address. 答案在msn. :P

dream said...

hey jeepeng,

got the fotos develop so quickly :)
nice to meet up, and i wish to stay more time with you guys unfortunately we have to go on the business trip :<

but surely will see u guys (all!) again few months later.

take care!


dominic said...

erm.... slow blogger! but had great fun! haha.... let's plan for another outing.

Reinert Lee said...

nice blog, nice blogger, nice lomographer, nice moderator, nice man! I love you blog, pal...!

jeepeng said...

bb, 找到你的新家了!

dream, picture above are digital...

dom, another?!! >_<"'

reinert = nice friend! :D

d said...

included the B&W?
i thought are from ur lca x_x