Thursday, May 03, 2007

Changed (In the House of Fur)

1st of May 2006,
moved into a house of nothing but wall with dope,
transfering dope to hope,
from hope to rope,
and rope tied onto a hook,
the hope seems followed by less.
14th April 2007,
alone in the box,
a full furnished box but a nobody's box,
swith on the radio that tuned into rocks,
empty my glass of whisky on the rocks,
keep telling myself it's just an ordinary day.
1st May 2007,
I've been here for 365,
everything seem gonna be fine,
when fan spins and fur flies,
here i am, in the house of flying fur.
Special Thanks to TanTan who feed me white fur everyday.
Photographed at C3LG on 14th April 2006 with Seagull 4A


白老鼠 said...

可爱又可怜的tantan* ...kakaa :)

DreaMachine said...

Oh Tan Tan is so cuteeee