Tuesday, May 22, 2007

something for nothing

Thing isn't something until someone having it,

Something that always on my mind is actually nothing.

Nothing could replace something when the thing has become nothing in my life.

Thing that fading away to nothing became something in the bottom of my heart,

Something that I couldn't stop thinking about supposedly nothing,

But it stills a thing that doesn’t want to be nothing.

Something that someone having seems to be nothing,

Thing that someone missing seems to be something.

Something for nothing,

Nothing for something.


edmund said...

u really good on writing!!
damn like the things u write!

dominic said...


kahgiap said...

r you talking about ... love?

S8j said...

邊個邊個? >8D

jeepeng said...

dom: sure, if u want my holga, anytime!

edmund: thanks!

kahgiap: WTH?!!!

s8j: science of sleep will be on screen in GSC during the Franch movie fest week, want to go?