Thursday, May 24, 2007

why LOMO?

::LCA::Fuji Sensia 100::Xpro::Masked with black torn paper::
special thanks to yewkong for this picture.

i love lomography!!!

i like to snap cloud

no matter how many times i've been here, still i will take a picture of this highest corn of the world.

i clicked before eating mixed rice at 双喜 opposite Pelangi Damansara

Q: why lomo?
A: 喜欢一个人,不需要理由。
"there is no reason to fall in love with someone."
This sentense will normally come out when a boy is asking a girl to be his girlfriend, and the girl ask him "why?". During this important moment, the boy could not hesitate, he must answer as fast as he can to prove himselve is truly falling in love with the girl, although he has million of reasons, but he just can't think of one in that moment and this legendary sentense comes out from his mouth.
wait a minute, the truth is, the boy could not answer honestly, why? let see:
if he answers "because you're pretty..." meaning she's not smart.
if he answers "because you're intelligence..." meaning she's not pretty.
if he answers "because you're smart, pretty, hardworking, honest, friendly, your smile is sweet, you walk gracefully, your voice is cute... so on" she might think you're lying.
OR his reason is untellable, ah ha!.....who knows?maybe his reason is "because i want to sleep with you." *SLAP* haha! but honestly, sometime i really couldn't find myself an answer of falling in love with something or someone.
Q:why LOMO?
A:i dunno...


S8j said...

dont think (too much) just shoot lak! hahahah!

edmund said...

hahaha, good questions jeep!
and SOMETIMES "don know" might be best answer!

Reinert Lee said...

Yeah man, why i Love jeepeng also? sorry man, i was just kiding.!

Anonymous said...

nice pics


iamwen said...

jeepeng... your blog damn nice lar... how you do it..... very sui ar...

jeepeng said...

thanks ya!because now doing a similar website, so i use my blog to be a "little white mouse" for experiment.

eva said...

nice blog. =)

eva said...

and dont know is the favourite quote of all girls. hehe