Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nothing to do?Let's LOMO ON!

mum's grooming Tantan

Saw this news from khailing, saying that catch more than 150 stray dogs within six months and you might just win at least RM11,000.

What the fart? They got nothing else to do? Why not just spend the RM11, 000 to build an animal rescue shelter?

if my Tantan got caught, then my mum would be nothing to do, she will be bored, she got no dog to scold, because we all not always at home, what she could scold or shout at is only the dog, once Tantan caught by the Selayang Municipal Council, then my mum would be sad, because Tantan is her best companion. And since there's nothing else to scold, then she might scold us.

Sh*t happens if my mum take my cameras to wash in Monday morning, because she's taking bath for Tantan in every Monday morning.

Wooi! If got nothing to do, go play LOMO lah! It will color your life!

jhunnie with LCA+


c r y s t said...

hahahaa...ur mum bath ur camera!!! =P it'd be great!!

Reinert Lee said...

It's true...
Lomo brings up my life!
Lomo brings up my spirit!


Lomo brings out my money!
I sacrifice that...

I Love Lomo forever...

Anonymous said...