Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The "LOST" Film

Astia 120 @ Stanley, thought already lost after reviewing all my Lomo.Album. I've searched all the possible places, and sometimes i thought i've never snap that roll of film, started suspect myself, am i Tyler Burden?am i schizophrenia? Then i asked around whoever been to that paradise with me, i asked Reinert & minghui whether i used Holga in Stanley, they can't answer me, because that place is such a paradise, no one will notice everything happening around us.

After a few months, i told myself, forget about it, Let it Be(The Beatles)
but The Wonder's song appear in my mind:
"Well, I try and try to forget you girl
But it's just so hard to do
Every time you do that thing you do"

Until one night, my fairy tale blink me with her magic ward while i'm falling asleep "Dleng~"
(well, i belive in fairy tale, so what?)

The next day when i sent some of my film to Bintang Maju, D'Hati, the technician, Aaron showed me a roll of 120 and asked "Wei, is this yours?"(of cause he wasn't speaking in English, he asked:"喂,係唔係你嫁?")

I took that film and looked at it...

then i shouted...
OH MY SKY! (in chinese: 我的天啊!) That's my "lost" film! so good to see you here!

i kissed Aaron and squeezed his butt, then i asked : "How much?" He answered with a very disappointing fact, "The 120 masking is out of service, Fuji techinician will come to fix it by next week"

FINALLY, the "next week" is NOW!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to whoever making this pictures possible! thanks!

1.yunc 2.Stanley Market

3.Stanley Bay

4.I've waited the flag to be fully viewable for more than 20minutes, but it didn't.

5.Crazy Sunshine - The Pillow

6.Stanley Bay

7.Red "Sampan"

8.Blue House

9.Hong Kong Maritime Museum

10.BackStreet Boyzzzz

11.Leaving Las Vegas

12.Pavilion, KL

Camera : Holga 120 S

Film : Fuji Astia 120


iamwen said...

i love the pink leak man.... is damn nice lar..... your holga series really makes me wanna buy holga!

Hooi said...

kelvin.. stop mentioning HOLGA from now on.. I think I'm a bit poison by that also... Thanks for you co-operation... =)

smei said...

i love the first pic the most.
Btw..is that ah c??

S8j said...

i love all!!!! cooool!! hahahaha

dominic said...

nice werk bro...!

Dick Chua said...

Excellent works!!

teMMe said...

wow so awesome...
where do you send your 120 to be developed?

Anonymous said...