Friday, December 28, 2007

please come back later

there will not be any updates here, please come back later.

date? no answer... house's PC broke down...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

to all lonely people at saturday night

it's 1.13am
doing nothing
but not willing to sleep
thinking to do something
because it's saturday night
i'm broke and tired
what else i could do
bingo! blogging!
shit, i'm fucking bored...
okey, i'm going
going to clean up my dog's shit
and wash her cage
i hope nobody is reading this shit right now
whoever reading this is just like me
i hope you guys having a wonderful saturday night out there

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Eventually, the Xhibition passed, to who wasn't there, i dedicate this to you.
Xiang & Dick
ymc 靜妹妹 thanks for providing a place to make this lovely No.10 jersey
Polaroid VS Lomo, Yingtze & kahgiap
see edmund so happy, keke!
this is the one who did the "making of..." video
click here to see it:

waiting to be execute by shooting
槍斃(and that's how Beijing 2008 logo was made) XD
freaking big X built with 2,448 pcs of lomographes
the precious
jimmy all the way alone from Singapore, thank you so much!
Solomo from UrbanCreatures, Penang
Beebee & Rolin from Johor Bahru
michi, jojoo and sis from Singapore, correct?Singapore, right?
Fayefaye1314 from Segamat asking kahgiap something technical about Smena 8m
the freaky taiping b'boyz

thanks, edmund :D