Sunday, December 09, 2007

to all lonely people at saturday night

it's 1.13am
doing nothing
but not willing to sleep
thinking to do something
because it's saturday night
i'm broke and tired
what else i could do
bingo! blogging!
shit, i'm fucking bored...
okey, i'm going
going to clean up my dog's shit
and wash her cage
i hope nobody is reading this shit right now
whoever reading this is just like me
i hope you guys having a wonderful saturday night out there


edmund said...

i'm reading ur blog la kawan~

Feli said...

It's okay, I'm here too. Don't worry, everyone's Saturday night is contained with their own personal space. You're among the norm. =))

私地下的我不是小丑..我是bb said...

fantastico !!!~

dominic said...

i'm not bored..
but i read ur post too..!

Anonymous said...

i do wat u did on this saturday from monday to friday... and saturday and sunday...

love your hong kong pics! lomo on!


A said...

How are you?