Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Escape

Although i prefer to spend my free time by watching movies alone at home, but sometimes we really need to get out from where our daily life is. the further traveling; the greater feeling.

5th Jan 2008, 2 cars, 5am, 8 pax, McDonald's, Mutiara Damansara and a cup of wasted coffee.

6am, the engines started, Stonesour's "Through Glass" all the way in the journey covered by jhunnie and he was making syahrulfikri freaked. Stopped at R&R, Gurun, met up with solomo, Alvin, Wen Huai & jaime and had lunch together then we continued our journey to Perlis.

Yes, Perlis, get as far as possible from my working place, my living place, to a place that i'm totally strange of. Coconut trees replacing skyscraper, paddy field replacing toll highway, motorcycles were more than cars, no 24 hours Astro-ed Mamak stalls, no disco, no make-ups, no bling-bling, no Burberry, no Blackberry, no cheesecake with raspberry, no Halle Berry...

what you got here is ...peace~ fresh air in the morning, crazy sunshine, endless paddy field that you couldn't find a shade to hide away from the sun, uncles & aunties with bikes that smile at you, children that wanted to be in your photos but pretending shy and cheaper-original homemade foods!

Trip always end with a sigh, "haih...tomorrow working again..."

but think of the fun during the 3D2N trip, it's worth working another 300+ days.

Kelantan? Angkor Wat? Johor Bahru? what's next? let me collect more Ang Pow after 2 weeks from now, kekekeke!