Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Escape

Although i prefer to spend my free time by watching movies alone at home, but sometimes we really need to get out from where our daily life is. the further traveling; the greater feeling.

5th Jan 2008, 2 cars, 5am, 8 pax, McDonald's, Mutiara Damansara and a cup of wasted coffee.

6am, the engines started, Stonesour's "Through Glass" all the way in the journey covered by jhunnie and he was making syahrulfikri freaked. Stopped at R&R, Gurun, met up with solomo, Alvin, Wen Huai & jaime and had lunch together then we continued our journey to Perlis.

Yes, Perlis, get as far as possible from my working place, my living place, to a place that i'm totally strange of. Coconut trees replacing skyscraper, paddy field replacing toll highway, motorcycles were more than cars, no 24 hours Astro-ed Mamak stalls, no disco, no make-ups, no bling-bling, no Burberry, no Blackberry, no cheesecake with raspberry, no Halle Berry...

what you got here is ...peace~ fresh air in the morning, crazy sunshine, endless paddy field that you couldn't find a shade to hide away from the sun, uncles & aunties with bikes that smile at you, children that wanted to be in your photos but pretending shy and cheaper-original homemade foods!

Trip always end with a sigh, "haih...tomorrow working again..."

but think of the fun during the 3D2N trip, it's worth working another 300+ days.

Kelantan? Angkor Wat? Johor Bahru? what's next? let me collect more Ang Pow after 2 weeks from now, kekekeke!



syahrulfikri said...

:( no picture of adorable syahrulfikri?

iamwen said...

nice picture jeepeng.. i really love your holga shot.... it is damn damn nice!!! is so nice to see you blog again! ^___________^

dominic said...

nice pics bro..

Anonymous said...


purrly said...

wow..can we have the privilege to post it in our website? PM me..

jeepeng said...

thanks y'all!

purrly, nice to see you here, heard your name for quite some time already, how are you, i couldn't get you email and blog,

you may send your deyails to my e-mail :


purrly said...

Hie Jee peng, i'll leave u a mail shortly after cny ok?We are interested in featuring your photos in room as the Lomograpgy Idol for March.Thank you