Friday, February 22, 2008

I miss bangkok

Just came back from Bangkok, Thailand,
another 5 rolls of precious slide film wasted,
i miss Jatujak, Suan Lum, Street of Sukhumvit.
Pretty Thailand girls, and delicious road-side snacks.
here's a song i heard while walking around in Suan Lum night bazaar,
introduced by a boutique owner, can't remember the shop name,
this song was playing while i was looking around in that shop,
it's selling british punk fashion, lots of cool black&white print-T,
and tide jeans, too bad no size suit me(too small for me!:even L size)
oh by the way, XL or XXL is not a common, i've missed a lot of nice tees,
this song is called "พยายามกี่ครั้งก็ตามแต่"(Pa-Yar-Yarm Gee Krang Gaw Tarm Tae)

more pics coming soon, already sent for developement.


edmund said...

yo dude!!! follow me go again la!!
whos tat girl in ur pics??
btw, the thai song is very nice!
love it!!

ee said...

very nice song

jeepeng said...

edmund: i wish to go again lah!that's my thai-gf lah!

ee: i love this song very much!

kahgiap said...

ee.. u said don wan to show them 1?
how come? she said yes alrdy !!!


S8j said...

ah shou! ah shou! >O<
waiting your pic ya!!!! fast fast!

jeepeng said...

not ah shou yet, is หญิงคนรัก ^^

S8j said...

i know lak,
now u can write thai-word de ka?
หญิงคนรัก =

dominic said...

nice trip..
rayban wayfarer..?

ten1o said...

wow!! u look so retro in d pic XD