Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeep's Hip Shot Bangkok

move & still
wheel & wave
fat & food
pull & push
pass & bus
hair & air
Mr. A & arrested
cap & coconut
1, 2 & 24
black & white
pose & point
sleep & slept
watch & watched
paid & pay

Below are Hip shot of people in Jatujak
beer & barefoot
left & right
(erm...) Japanese & Japanese?

Raining Jatujak
Jatujak after rain

Don't understand what were they saying, maybe some AIDS Campaign

sing & songbuskers

sweet & salt
People on street
sorry, 811...


ten1o said...

pergi bangkok lagi?? SIOKnya ;)

Hooi said...

Jeep, i dunno what to say.. but putting the whole bangkok series with ur words are totally awesome...
I am sorry for not checking out ur blog for quite sometimes, i didnt expect u to update blog so often recently!!! what a shock, man!!

guccimamasan said...

Hi... just browsing and found your site... and may i say that i luv your photography and your blog very much. will keep coming back and check your site...

eun said...

jeepjeep!! 是不是下雨的thai trip?? 怎麼相片看起來像下雨天...
我都好想去thai啊!! 真的好想快點有假期!! ^___^ btw, 我換了blog, 請bookmark我的新blog啦

jeepeng said...

ten10: why "lagi"? that's my 1st time!!! @.@

hooi: thanks hooi! i still have Holga shots still in progress, will upload once i got them!

guccimamasan: thanks!i've google moogle about you too, and i've got into your WordPress as well, you have nice photography!

eunis: 只是第一天在Jatujak遇上下雨,也只不過是過雲雨。在那裏看見很多很多的香港人&日本人,快快去吧!哈哈!我已經更新了你的blog址!

weeseng said...

cun cun cun !!! love those hip shots ~ mine like beheaded or half sliced ~ xD

eun said...

我看到朋友去thai的時候買了好多有關貓的精品和擺設回來...害我都好想去買一大堆貓東西啊!! >__< 她一個人拿了70k 回來...超誇張...哈哈