Saturday, March 08, 2008


For 18 years, since the day i borned until the day i left Taiping,
i've never climb to Maxwell Hill,
but only with Jeep driving me to the resthouse on the peak,
last Thursday, after working in Sungai Petani,
Kahgiap decided to go Maxwell Hill, WTF?!
let me think when was the my previous excersice?
OH! May, 2007, Gunung Irau, Cameron Highland!
so, can you imagine how unhealthy am i?
with total not ready condition, i did...
i said "yes" to them, with a pair of North Star black canvas shoe,
while all the others has trekking shoe.
walk, walk, walk, talk, talk, talk...
i gave up...

pictures below were not taken in Maxwell Hill,
those are old pictures from Gunung Irau, Cameron Highland.
with Nikon FM2, expired Fuji RHP III asa 400, Nikkor 35mm f2.0,
the white balance of these pictures are wrong, because of expired film,
and mostly all are blurred, because there's not enough sunlight,
even through i was using ASA400 film...

can see the border between Pahang & Perak everywhere.
some close-up shot.
one of our guide.
the guide told us these "carpet-grass" are 1000+ years old.
man in a hole
tall, old, strong
ugly colour balance...
ah wai in action
green green green
green green green green
beauty of mess
steambot dinner


dominic said...

so did they make it to the maxwell hill?
i've been there... by jeep as well!

eunice said...

哇~~~好像童話故事裡的森林, 是不是有魔鬼在裡面那種?? 哈哈哈~~好想去拍照啊!!好有趣的地方^___^