Friday, April 18, 2008


Hi all,

This is the 100th Post in
wow! time passed by like Polaroid(faster appear, faster gone)
100 nonsense blogs had been posted, meaning i was bored 100 times.
i was so "don't-want-to-sleep" 100 times in the middle of the night,

i realise that my arm wasn't pillow for 100 nights,
i was naked in the world wide web for 100 times,

i missed 100 movies,
i missed 100 gathering with friends,
i missed 100 chit-chats with my mum&dad,
i saved RM160 for LDP tol,
there's lot of "100" i could name here, but i don't because i realise I've already dedicated more than 100 hours in my blog! WOW! unbelievable!!!

is time for a vacation!!!!! FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
WoooooHoooooo!!! thanks to BlogSpot! thanks to Google!

below are some pictures i taken in Nai Yang Beach, Phuket and Indigo Pearl Hotel
was attending a convention there, very nice place! but very HOT!!!

Camera : Canon EOS 350D with Jhunnie's 17-85mm lens, thanks!


iamwen said...

wah.. so nice lar.. can always go travel arouund!

Hooi said...

syiok... syiok, syiok betuil la.. go honeymoon with jhunnie...

lara said...

haha nice pics ^ ^

Reinert Lee said...

you forgot to kiss me for 100 days..

eun said...

me too me too i want u kiss me 100 times!!

Eva Eva said...

happy 100th =)

karthika said...

wow! so nice....

aegan stills, songs