Thursday, April 03, 2008

in my dream

it's late, it's night,
i can hear the sigh of the darkness knight,
slowly, softly he takes my sight,
and now it's time to kill the lights.

... ...blank, all blank,
not even a sand nor dust,
nothing's under my blanket,
nothing, neither snore nor lust.

purely, like nothing before the garden of Eve,
like a new born baby at the Christmas Eve,
i am, like a baby, sleeping naively,
and i see you, here you are, you, you're standing on the cliff...

slowly, you walk gracefully,
i cannot see you clearly,
because without glasses i see things blurry!
i swear i'll sleep with my glasses next time, seriously!

Oh, were you in my dream alone?
or you came into me with another one?
i was melancholy but nothing can be done,
time passed, dark faded, and you will be gone...

all pictures taken with Multicolour Holga (B shutter)+ Expired Medium format Fuji Velvia
special thanks to sue, ybing, jhun, kg, rei, foo.


Eva Eva said...

lovely models =D

rice said...

好夢幻~ -_-

Hooi said...

I am dreaming too... nice series, and good poetry...
you are beyond imaginative,
you are born with creativity,
Everything within,
I believe your talents are all built-in.
Such a graceful Jeep!

edmund said...

yerr... i also wan such nice and pretty dream~

ten1o said...

wa!! nice dream~ 我也要!!!

czaszka_wujka_staszka said...

nice blur, kinna romantic :)

Reinert Lee said...

"sui za bo"

iamwen said...

third and fifth crazily nice! why use b shutter one??

jeepeng said...

eva eva: thanks, u too!

rice: 我希望夢見SX-70~~~

hooi: wah! 1st time to hear this sweet comment! thanks, u're multi-talented too!Kickboxing, rollerblade, lomo, acting, engineering...etc!wah!

edmund: i'll tell yeatin!!!

ten10: 夢到,看不到。你也要?

czaszka_wujka_staszka: thanks!

reinert: you're "sui dar bo" as well

iamwen: want to try something new: dreamy~~~

yayawoo said...

she also like to c leng lui 1,
hahahaha ^^

John NG said...

the 1st PIC made me think like shes HYPER, :P