Thursday, May 29, 2008

some old pictures

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my favourite

very glad to do this photo shoot with her, she can understand what expressions and poses i was asking for, and she is very professional because i asked her to do this photo shoot underneath the afternoon sunlight of Malaysia and doing all this in abandoned building with lots of foreign workers passing by. Without any complains plus asking me whether she's good enough or not by saying that don't worry about her and she can still go on until i get what i want.

she is peggy

photo by jeep with canon eos 350d with zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6


Eva Eva said...

wow. peggy looks good. love the colour tone.

Hooi said...

i love everything in this series jeep... the photos overall composition and feels are all matching to me.. Peggy looks a bit like Thailand..

私地下的我不是小丑..我是bb said...

Satu org sendiri curi curi go shoot la..i also will like that one ^^

yayawoo said...

cis~ tiga orang budak yang suka cari perempuan (ambik gambar)!!!
tak ajak orang pun!!!
i mau juga la T_T

iamwen said...

so late only post up ar :p

S8j said...

good model
good photographer
prefect work!!!!

jeepeng said...

eva: thanks!
hooi: thanks,still learning.thai?hahaha!
bb: 我自己一個人才能專心。
yayawoo: you shoot lah!
iamwen: just free recently...

eun said...

i luv this model!! so cute n sweet ar!!! ^0^

Vion said...

love all ur pic =)

keep uploading!

dream said...

hey jeep.
just drop a msg to let you know my blog have change to:

see ya!

btw, very very nice backgroud music.
what is it?