Saturday, May 17, 2008

when is my turn?

pick a date and make a deal,

lick a spoon and eat the meal,
all the best you took away,
left the shit that stuck my way.

when my time is just arrived,

my favourite song is playing riff,
my ass was almost touch the seat,
but here you are ignited my heat.

1.Seagull with Agfa Portraits 160
2.Multicolour Holga with Fuji Velvia 100f
3.Holga 120s with Agfa RSX II 200


S8j said...

fun, cool! hahaha... ikea ad?

Eva Eva said...

after the dog should be your turn ald.

yayawoo said...

hahaha... nice 1~
but still not yet ur turn oh~
ur sister leh~


ten1o said...

很有文采啊! CHUN!!

Reinert Lee said...

That's funny! After TanTan should be my turn :)