Thursday, July 31, 2008

music never die alone

Inspired by movie "The Bucket List"

How is the feeling of dying alone or not being beside or beloved one while breathing their last breath? There are so many things to do but so little time, time is always not enough, always having million of reasons of not doing something, something that's important to us, but it won't affect our life if we couldn't done that. Start doing what you wanted to do for so long but you, yourself not giving a chance to do the first step.

What is scarier than you woke up one day and find out that your passion is slowly fading away? passion of whatever, passion of love, passion of living, passion of desire? There’s no any hope in your life, no more fun, just like a puppet, puppet of modern world. Work for money, not having fun on work for passion. Totally forget why you’re here, for what you’re living, who are you working your ass out for, what aim are you trying to hit, what life you want to live… want to live the life of John Malkovich? Sorry, there’s no J.M., Inc. in the real world.

Do remember what brought you here, and keep going with your heart. No one knows who is on the phone in the next day morning and what is he/she going to tell you. Fulfill every second on your daily life by not just watching soap opera.

Click Here to create your very own "Bucket List" today!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

【絕對獨家】“這條友“的傷感6人迷你火鍋之ee's LCA+復活篇

















18."這條友" : "我等到花兒也謝了..."






















33.靜妹要muack muack我?







40.testing on ee's LCA+ distance...



ee, 看來你的LCA+沒有問題,可以約出來領囘了!40張都沒問題!

camera: LCA+
film : LOMO X-PRO slide

Saturday, July 26, 2008











film : Expired Fuji Velvia from Kutu-Kutu Mart

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cinema of Weekdays Midnight

if you're going to spend an hour or two in a cinema with full of joys and happiness, please don't go to the Cinema in a shopping mall of Sunway at weekdays midnight. i assure your popcorn is tasteless, your softdrink is bitter, your movie just get spoiled like an half boiled egg felt from 3rd floor 100km/h straight to the ground, KAPUT!!!

i just came back from that cinema watching Red Cliff with my parent, 1st, i like to watch trailer and cinema commercial, but what i saw were silhouette of students passing by and loud Mandarin speaking with high pitch girls' laugh. ok fine, it's not the movie yet, i thought that they will be quiet after the movie starts...BUT!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DIDN'T!!!!!!!! there were few big groups of them, a group was sitting a row in front of us, but 2 members sitting the same row with us, they keep talking(note that's not whispering, was talking) when that 2 "4 eyes" kids wanted to talk with their friends in front of them, they lean their head toward to reduce their volume but we still can hear what they're talking, when they finished, that 2 "4 eyes" kids didn't lay on their seat slowly, they just bang the seats, hello! this is not Gold Class, our seats are linked! everytime after their conversation, our seats shaked, although he didn't makie me felt on floor, but it was interrupting and annoying.[end of case 1]

about reaching the 20 minutes of the movie, the couple in front of us, two of the same group took out their extremely big LCD screen handphone and showing each other some of the stuff inside, Aiyah! forgot to ask them which brand of the handphone they're using, then i might not need a torchlight when i go camping, it was fucking shine, i think is LG Shine. we're like, watching the movie the scene was 2 generals were talking what to do next, then suddenly, "Dah Dang!!!" 2 bright LCD screen shining in front of us! suddenly i thought i would heard "we use GPRS to attack our enemy!" shit! then my dad cannot stand anymore, he was pretending to talk with my mum by saying "why they take out their handphone while watching movie, why don't they just sit back and enjoy the movie?"(or put all attention on when is the John Woo's iconic pigeons is appearing?kekeke!) then the girl heard what my dad said, she replied something i didn't hear that, then suddenly i heard my dad's voice a bit louder by saying "阻礙到別人嘛!"(disturbing the others!) then these 2 extremely bright LCD display handphone hidden away by their playing-cellphone-in-cinema owners.[end of case 2]

the seats behind of us were couple's seat, there was a girl keep asking her boyfriend "why why why?" hello, ah boy, don't bring your girlfriend to watch movies about war and history, if she's not interested, 勉強冇幸福(there's no happily ever after by forced) you couldn't change her, why are you trying to change her thinking, i thought you both be together is because you love the way she is now.watching movie she don't understand then she get bored you get bored too because you found out that you both has a gab in between. By the way she interrupt you, she was making me laugh and curious about what's the next funny question is she going to ask you. and hello, ah girl, if you don't understand, please ask after the movie, you're embarrassing your boyfriend. If you're there just because of Takeshi & Tony then just concentrate to be shocked by their eyes and don't ask questions because the story is not important to you anymore.[end of case 3]

i think i heard 小微(Xiao Wei) Polyphonic ringtones in the cinema... Xiao wei, can you imagine? Poly-ringtones in the cinema, DiGi spent so much money to advertise an awareness ad and showing the "I Taikoh mah!" got beaten at the end, but still, this dude(another group, further front) still not willing to switch his handphone to Silent mode. even my mum laugh at him because of his ringtone, why i keep mentioning "his/he" maybe was a she?! i don't know, no offence on people who likes this songs, truly, this is a nice song, jhunnie also likes to play, and we would like to sing along when he's playing this song with guitar...with singblass' beatbox.[end of case 4]

case 5, when the movie finished, while we're walking in the hallway that bring us back to shopping mall, can you please don't smoke ah? just another 5 minutes, you will get out of this indoor and you c an smoke as much as you can in the car park or in your car. although the shopping mall is closed, although I'm a smoker too, but this is a no smoking area, if you don't respect yourself please respect the other.

so much of "tulaness" now, although it's 4am, i still want to blog about this, afraid that tomorrow i might forget about this feeling of "tulan“. Luckily i ate some Lok-Lok(frozen foods thorn with a stick that usually selling with van at roadside, pick whatever you like and put it in a boiling sup and dunk it with chili sauce.the price fixed with the colour of the stick, count after eating. easily to find in front of pub, Citibank, HSBC and night market) after the movie, some of my anger melt by the meat balls with satay sauce, yummy!

an additional point, i was watching The Dark Knight on Monday midnight at a cinema in a shopping mall near Damansara Utama, the cinema was almost fulled, some were there with a big group of friend, some couples as well, but the environment just different, once they enter the cinema they don't speak anymore, they whisper also whisper with voice of "paiseh", they open their snacks slowly, drink their drinks softly, i notice some of them throw their rubbish when walking out to the mall.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Reign Over Me, the most successful movie after 9/11 so far.

an 9/11 movie that doesn't need blood, dead, weapons, burning towers and hero, but truly touch the audiences' heart and successfully made me feel the pain that 9/11 crash to American.

No one would like to see the painful scene of an air plane flying towards the skyscraper, even I don’t want to mention about the towers that drown with tons of tears here. That’s why I said this is a very successful 9/11 movie.

If you’ve missed this movie in cinema, please please please, please go for original DVD, there are special features that you must not miss, especially the Deleted Scene “Jam Session”.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

watching "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is like watching our very own journey of life,

keep hoping there's miracles, hopes and good ending.

what if there's no miracle in my life? but no one knows is there will be or not,

so what i need to do is just keep walking keep fighting for it.

when it looks like going to be good, but...

and when you think there's no hope, but...

just like the "Diving Bell", at last he... (go watch lah!)

super like the starting of this movie, the first 30minutes(or more) is totally awesome!!!

thought the whole movie is going to be like that, but...

Monday, July 21, 2008

a year ago today

a year ago today, i was in another country, a country which is more like home to me than Malaysia, so far i didn't hear languages that i don't understand on street, shops, malls, public transports...even Indian speaks Cantonese... but so weird in my very own country sometime i unable to communicate to people.

weird, right?

ah!!! forget about what I'm thinking, later my mum scold me of not being patriot...LOL!
i can tell so many goods of HK and so much bads of Malaysia. but my cousin Jay asked me to listen to my mum "聼媽媽的話" so i don't... and my dad's friend asked me to "use Malaysia's weather to love people"

okok enough for all the bullshit...

sorry for the image sequences, because of uploading 5 by 5, so the date taken of these images are reversed (please see pic with "gostun" : until now i still don't know where this "gostun" word comes from?) if anyone has the answer please leave a comment here.

another weird thing, i tried to travel with Digital Camera, but i didn't shoot much, don't know why leh, Lomo Rocks!!! burn me 28 rolls of film, shit you! Can't take my eyes off you (singing to LCA's viewfinder) Smoke gets in your eyes (singing to reinert because he's holding his cigarettes with his mouth while snapping a pic with LCA so the smoke of his cigarettes gets in his eyes)hahaha!!! reinert's biting cigarettes with holding LCA on hands and the smokes flying to his eyes scene is in my mind now, LOL!!!

stanley market
stanley beach
he was our companion for all 8 days trip...
really appreciate your hospitality, minghui表哥
thought of going back in the next day?
shit, we're going back...(ypink's dream clock, finally she owns it)
congratz! a really beautiful clock!!!
reinert lomo-ing his luggage
Lomo世界 form China
at the street behind of Color of August
油麻地上海街322號地下C鋪 (油麻地MTR C出口 近文明里)
cklalan's Horizon Perfekt
thanks, alan!
forgot where were we going...
party at hotel!
erm...i afraid i might explain this wrongly
so go google it with "九龍囯皇/九龍皇帝"
amazing night scene of Hong Kong Island from Harbor City
lepak-ing (消磨時間)
dream treat us 彭定康蛋挞 yummy
thank you so much, dream & alan for everything!!!
went to 蘭桂坊... public toilet...
Lomo corner at CitySuper
across the street
yun see @ Mong Kok MTR station
(do you think there's once an idiot put the "W" upside down, and since that people call it Mong Kok instead of Wong Kok? i always think like that.)
in front of kubrick bookstore
LomoShop Hong Kong, Pan's talking with minghui, dream repairing LCA
then we went for 糖水
the peak
so geli... (牙煙)
Cattle Depot Art Village
Repulse Bay
i love those skyscrapers
in the bus..Lomo...
on the street...Lomo...
潮州打冷...Lomo... i still remember the taste of the 耗餅(oyster biscuit)
planning where to go the next day with Alan, Aster, Minghui
Marlboro123 jumping happily
in HK Museum of History...Lomo...
in Hong Kong Heritage Museum ... Lomo...
at KLIA...Lomo...
at restaurant Mei Dou (美都餐廳) i guess everyone in HK know about this restaurant.
party at Whale Pub
so glad to meet Billy, Sum, Eunis, Michelle, Soming(with gf), Aster...sorry if i missed out you, i was drunk, and somemore 2 cigerettes promotors girls keep talking to me, making me so dizzy...kekeke!!! sorry gals of not buying from you...sorry, next time!
night scene at The Peak, Amazing skyline

these 28 albums of Hong Kong still my all-time favourite review Lomo.albums, i can spend a night by browsing all these Lomographes from these 28 albums, looking at every single pictures, thinking back those happy time, everything, just can't stop loving HK.
so fast 21 July 2007 i was there. now 21 July 2008 i'm looking at these pictures, miss miss miss...
haih...1 year already... my hair so long now...
1 year liao....

camera: Lomo Horizon Perfekt, Lomo SuperSampler, Holga 120s & Lomo Compact Automat without flash except picture "party at hotel" taken with flash
films : Agfa Precisa CT, Agfa CT, Kodak EBX, Kodak EV100, Fuji Astia, Fuji Sensia, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Neopan b/w