Monday, July 21, 2008

a year ago today

a year ago today, i was in another country, a country which is more like home to me than Malaysia, so far i didn't hear languages that i don't understand on street, shops, malls, public transports...even Indian speaks Cantonese... but so weird in my very own country sometime i unable to communicate to people.

weird, right?

ah!!! forget about what I'm thinking, later my mum scold me of not being patriot...LOL!
i can tell so many goods of HK and so much bads of Malaysia. but my cousin Jay asked me to listen to my mum "聼媽媽的話" so i don't... and my dad's friend asked me to "use Malaysia's weather to love people"

okok enough for all the bullshit...

sorry for the image sequences, because of uploading 5 by 5, so the date taken of these images are reversed (please see pic with "gostun" : until now i still don't know where this "gostun" word comes from?) if anyone has the answer please leave a comment here.

another weird thing, i tried to travel with Digital Camera, but i didn't shoot much, don't know why leh, Lomo Rocks!!! burn me 28 rolls of film, shit you! Can't take my eyes off you (singing to LCA's viewfinder) Smoke gets in your eyes (singing to reinert because he's holding his cigarettes with his mouth while snapping a pic with LCA so the smoke of his cigarettes gets in his eyes)hahaha!!! reinert's biting cigarettes with holding LCA on hands and the smokes flying to his eyes scene is in my mind now, LOL!!!

stanley market
stanley beach
he was our companion for all 8 days trip...
really appreciate your hospitality, minghui表哥
thought of going back in the next day?
shit, we're going back...(ypink's dream clock, finally she owns it)
congratz! a really beautiful clock!!!
reinert lomo-ing his luggage
Lomo世界 form China
at the street behind of Color of August
油麻地上海街322號地下C鋪 (油麻地MTR C出口 近文明里)
cklalan's Horizon Perfekt
thanks, alan!
forgot where were we going...
party at hotel!
erm...i afraid i might explain this wrongly
so go google it with "九龍囯皇/九龍皇帝"
amazing night scene of Hong Kong Island from Harbor City
lepak-ing (消磨時間)
dream treat us 彭定康蛋挞 yummy
thank you so much, dream & alan for everything!!!
went to 蘭桂坊... public toilet...
Lomo corner at CitySuper
across the street
yun see @ Mong Kok MTR station
(do you think there's once an idiot put the "W" upside down, and since that people call it Mong Kok instead of Wong Kok? i always think like that.)
in front of kubrick bookstore
LomoShop Hong Kong, Pan's talking with minghui, dream repairing LCA
then we went for 糖水
the peak
so geli... (牙煙)
Cattle Depot Art Village
Repulse Bay
i love those skyscrapers
in the bus..Lomo...
on the street...Lomo...
潮州打冷...Lomo... i still remember the taste of the 耗餅(oyster biscuit)
planning where to go the next day with Alan, Aster, Minghui
Marlboro123 jumping happily
in HK Museum of History...Lomo...
in Hong Kong Heritage Museum ... Lomo...
at KLIA...Lomo...
at restaurant Mei Dou (美都餐廳) i guess everyone in HK know about this restaurant.
party at Whale Pub
so glad to meet Billy, Sum, Eunis, Michelle, Soming(with gf), Aster...sorry if i missed out you, i was drunk, and somemore 2 cigerettes promotors girls keep talking to me, making me so dizzy...kekeke!!! sorry gals of not buying from you...sorry, next time!
night scene at The Peak, Amazing skyline

these 28 albums of Hong Kong still my all-time favourite review Lomo.albums, i can spend a night by browsing all these Lomographes from these 28 albums, looking at every single pictures, thinking back those happy time, everything, just can't stop loving HK.
so fast 21 July 2007 i was there. now 21 July 2008 i'm looking at these pictures, miss miss miss...
haih...1 year already... my hair so long now...
1 year liao....

camera: Lomo Horizon Perfekt, Lomo SuperSampler, Holga 120s & Lomo Compact Automat without flash except picture "party at hotel" taken with flash
films : Agfa Precisa CT, Agfa CT, Kodak EBX, Kodak EV100, Fuji Astia, Fuji Sensia, Fuji Velvia, Fuji Neopan b/w


jeepeng said...

please don't believe jay's my cousin...

Reinert Lee said...

I feel very gamtong...

Thanks for reminded us today's "last year"...I wanna drink carlsberg now!

Hooi said...

so this is the last year u are talking about.. shooting 28 rolls is crazy enough to me.. WOW~!!!

y said...

woh, aready 1 year liao.... time passss And u simpan byk pic i tak pernah c.

ee said...

你的照片很活﹐好像一幕幕在眼前播放﹐如果你能再放多點美食的照片lagi best,oh香港

S8j said...

the clock!

Eva Eva said...

go again, jeep!!!

jeff-cwk said...

wow! the 1st pic is on lomography international banner for 120 slide films... =)

ling said...

gt de 九龙皇帝 ler..XD
nice trip ler...
lov HK very very much...
(althou never travel ter b4) =)

-mc- said...

when plan to go HK again? hehehe^^

ckl alan said...

I miss you guy too. What a happy memory we had. V must meet again someday.


ckl alan said...

Yaya. As -mc- said: when plan to go HK again?


Iris said...

The word "gostun" comes from the intransitive verb "go stern" which is used informally in Malaysia and Singapore to mean "reverse" = to move backward in a vehicle. I hope this helps satisfy your curiosity.