Saturday, August 30, 2008

Exciting News: Price drop to $9 on over 140 designs!

Threadless Newsletter Price drop to $9 on over 140 designs!

These 146 tees are just $9! Sizing is limited.

Remember, all other tees are just $12!

The Unseen/UnheardRock The FrogAmazon Addiction

Grave Of The FirefliesStrength In NumbersCarnie Nightlife

Grandma ClockThe Great OutdoorsLooking For Love In All The Wrong Places

See You At The ShowGarden Of FailureThe Embroidaries

Sugar And SpiceMy ClassmateIn The Fast Lane

GutteRballFight Back!The Emergence of the Easter Egg

Relax And Dream Of NothingSnakes & LaddersFur Ladies

PexeThe Elusive Chocolate MooseSwiss Army

A Tear Every YearAdventurerAll That's Good

Phascolarctos CinereusLiberty Nor SafetyDo Not Jump Shark

MissedZen Gardens Make Me AngryDescent

Beat ItDandyCaged II (A Prequel)

Defend The KingdomSacrificeRhinos Hunt In Packs

Deer OrganSerenadeFinding Rhinoceros

Land Of 1000 DancesKeeping It RealGeorgia

Imaginary Of CloudNo-Arms McSneakersThe Cloud Factory

I'm Sure I Used To FitTiny Toy TalonsRollin Hatin

Magisterial BeautyDisbeliefThe Death Of Imagination

Electro Love BoatOne of These Days, We'll Fly Away!Usual Day at Work

Reel PassionMr. Toxic WastePaint By Numbers

Smoking HotPatchworkMarshmallow Factory

AnacaonaOnly in DreamsFrequenCity

Lions Are Smarter Than I AmT-Shirt PlagueBacteria

RampageIf It Ain't MetalMore! More! More!

CowichanGrowth For The Sake Of GrowthEnmity Gardens

The Captain's DreamTrojan HearseSummer's Passing

The Hills Have EyesFallen (In Love)The Voyage of the Space Chrysalises

Party GoblinSilly Rabbit, Dreams Are For KidsNo Angel

Homework EvidenceMaple WalnutMany Many Monsters

Barf TripMechanical MayhemGood Intentions

Face BasicsI Heart ThreadlessBurnout

Since ForeverCoat of ArmsHappy Harvest

Some Choices Are Just Out of ReachMusical MeditationB Movie Nightmare

Never Gunna Give You Up...Good LuckNineteen Seventy Five

DeadlessFruit of the NegativitreeMummy Cool

City LightsMidwestEverything is A-OK

E.T.A.Poet-TreesMade of Money

Mob MusiciansGoodbye My Hopes and Dreams...Urban Camouflage

Monster WashLonely SnowmenBear Hug

7.00You're WormfoodDecay

HIDeath, our nation's number one killerKing

Ninjas and pirates agree: cowboys suckMeat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty MurderImpossible Love

Love*RainChinese Peaches99 Luftballons

Alphabet ZooNerds Unite!Emo Bear

Biblical DisasterCagedRocketbird

Diabolical Hot DogOctopusMission Listen

RuidoFor The BirdsNice Boobies

Doodle BugVegetarians are Eating the RainforestsTill Death Do Us Part

The Bright LightsPara PoppinsThey're, Their, There

Water, Just WaterMy Pet HumanCalling Home

We're ToastB.F.F. (Best Friends Forever)Dad?

Teddybear loves TeddyboyPermafrost PollutionMourning Girl

Fire and IceWho I Am


dominic said...

u got account in threadless?

yayawoo said...

sure he got la! kekeke...
so bro, how many tees u going to bai jia this time?

dominic said...

nolar, on tight saving lately!
no more spending lar. hahha

yayawoo said...

save for HK izzit?
so how bout Jeep?
going to sapu any tees from threadless?
sure abang reinert sapu banyak punya

Jersey Yen said...

i own some of them, i like threadless especially when they give a discount.


etee_mars said...

nice~i wan buy too~