Tuesday, August 19, 2008


因爲小時不會吸吸管,媽媽用這樣的方法來喂我喝飲料。 i don't suck while i was a child.
姐姐在爸媽的床上撫摸剛出世的我。 my sis and i on my parent's bed.
傻傻的我在玩弄爸爸的三腳架。 "what the heck is this 3 legs monster?"叫人懷念的千秋,我想不起我笑什麽(想得起才怪!) what was i laughing?can't rememeber...(if i remember, i'm a genius)
表姐小小就會注意鏡頭,心機重! my cousin sister LOL.
the classic Mila tin, one of the member in LomoAsia still have this, jealous!
忘了笑到抽筋的那位哥哥是誰....對不起... sorry, can't remember who was the LOL guy...


Once i was asked about why i like shooting pictures?i don't have the answer, i don't even know since when i like doing photography, maybe i was poisoned in college when the very 1st time to connect with camera.but then, poisoned can be cured, what is the reason that i don't want to be cured?

我有了答案,最近Lomography Society International號召全球Lomographers踴躍參與他們將在2年一度全球最大型的有關攝影及照相的展覽-Photokina 的展出。“樂魔”用戶除了可以將自己拍的非數碼照片以"The future is Analogue"為主題上載到有關網站以外,他們也做了一個很好玩的點子:把你的family portrait上載然後他們將依照主體分門別類地展出,參觀者將會看見膠卷攝影的演變,依照年代的進化慢慢地轉變到今天。 有如圖下:

i got the answer recently, Lomography society International was calling for "The future is Analogue" rumble, all the pictures will be exhibited in Photokina. While Lomo users uploading their very own lomographes, they were asking for vintage and old-school analogue pictures as well, we can upload our family portraits accordingly to the 15 catagories, visitors of Photokina may see the evolution of analogue photography years by years, just like these 2 pictures below:
同樣是膠卷,同樣是group photo, 同樣是五個人,竟想不到會有類似的pose... 這就是最原始,最Authentic的攝影,超級有feel!
these 2 pictures both made by film, they're group photo, and so does 5 persons, i just can't believe even the pose are similar... this is the very origin purpose of photography, capture the happiness moment who were you with and where you were, it's so Authentic!

姐姐小時候的照片都是我爸拍的,用的是他當年分期付款買的Nikomat EL,現被我佔有,哈哈!

while looking back at all these vintage pictures, i've found the answer of why i like photography, it's the bloodline, my dad did all these 8 pictures above with his Nikomat EL which is now owned by me, hahahahaha!

these photo change a little bit of my mind, thought single life is the best, but look at these pictures, how cool it is! wish to have a son/daugther i can snap them everyday when they grow up they will have this same feeling as i do.


this is the photographer behind all my childhood pictures, and some of his "Lomo" pictures:


those rounded corner, white border, flowerish die-cut real pictures, so classic!but all got forgotten by people because of Digital, because we lazy to think, we want things to be done faster, until we relay too much on computer, everything goes lifeless especially photo, now we can only view pictures in computer, that's so sad!


hurry up, print your best pictures out, make it to an album or lomowall! we have to keep spending money on photoshop so we can keep playing with it!


ling @ lengmuizai said...

(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……
是个很不错的遗传嘛~ 把这个遗传继续的延续到下一代吧~ XD

Eva Eva said...

oo....good old days.
it's time to take a look on my old photo album :)

jeff-cwk said...

fwah! the shop on fire is so dramatic... 0.0

jojooo said...

你让我也很想搬出我小时候, 还有老爸老妈的照片. =D

S8j said...


jeepeng said...

ops...i got complains without english, kekeke, coming soon!

lengmuizai: yup that's my dad, he's not what photographer lah, just for fun.

eva: waiting for you classic pics

jeff: dramatic!ya, that picture teach us "bring your camera everywhere you go"

jo: 快快去找!我也有很多爸媽拍拖時的照片,但那時我獨家的!muahahahaha!

s8j: 發現你很喜歡80s的東西!哈哈,不想老啊?!

Eva Eva said...

jeepeng. finally i understand what u wrote in this post. it's very meaningful indeed. :)
snap more....and get a wife asap.
so that she can bring u a "small jeep jeep" and u can shoot them too :)

iamwen said...

jeep!! your photo is good~ i've found some of my dad photo too~ with the round corner! it is so vintage and printing is nice.

eun said...

wow!!! uncle好野!!!! jeepjeep你果然有爸爸的遺傳啊 ^0^ uncle的slr還在嗎?? 你有沒有用來拍照啊!!

好溫馨的相片啊!! 我都好想看看我家的舊照片!! ^__^

beebee said...




谢谢你让我想起我快乐的童年^ ^

S8j said...


dominic said...

walau... those killing pose!
u guys shud mimic the pose mar..

yayawoo said...


赞成S8J,来搞个80's 儿童照片展,

jeepeng said...

eva: huh?"wah shang jiu shang" gotta ask permission fr the kid whether he wants to be borned to this hell or not, can't just bcoz I-WANT-TO-SNAP-YOU reason mah!lol!

iamwen: can't wait to see your dad's classical look, like s8j said- exhibition!!!!!

eunis: yaya! i'm still using my daddy's SLR, it's still working great, Nikon ROCKS!

beebee: 應該講“拿幾年前”的照片出來看,你這樣講,人家會覺得你很年輕!

s8j: 40嵗之前也叫青年!

dom: i tot those killing pose was taught by you!?

yayawoo: ...

Hooi said...

everything is nice when we can't get it easily or hardly getting it..
Things wont be as nice when it's easy getting it..
We look back old photos and faded color printing is nice bcos nowadays, technologies cant do it as easy or as simple as last time..
While last time, people had been persuading new technology to improve and to get good pictures as in sharp, true-color, and real..

Well, I'll rank "the old n the new",

1 - 1 same same...


ten1o said...

I also want to go korek my old photo and post already hahahhaha.

WAH! Jeep Dad also kaki Nikon! wohooo... hahahahaa

dominic said...

by me?

smei said...


dream said...

wow! this is so cool!
i love your mum's photo with her friends!


jeepeng said...


old school ROCKS!!!

retro always the best!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..