Thursday, April 09, 2009

Knowing the myth of 嫦娥、吴刚和玉兔

This movie should play during Chinese Mid-Autumn festival aka. Moon Cake Festival.

The Oscar winner alcoholic in "Leaving Las Vegas" Nicholas Cage is drinking again, he just won't get older, still the same melancholy look. 

ok, was watching "Knowing" yesterday with junhao, saboon, eva, jhunnie, june & deszzz. wow!  it's been awhile never go cinema in group. the funny thing is, i don't get the chance to speak a word with deszzz because he was late and rushing back after the movie...

Knowing is just another Hollywood-commercial-action-CGI movie, it combines a few successful "bridge"(旧桥) of some old movies like 6th sense, next, paycheck, the day the earth stood still...

let's cut short the long story, you won't get bored and you won't disappoint. instead, you'll be surprised, as a chinese, i see Chang'e, Jade Rabbit, Wu Gang and the unbreakable tree. Maybe you'll see Adam & Eve in Garden of Eden.