Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank You, Chye Yee

Thank you for your couch where I can rest in the night,

Thank you for you bicycle which I can ride to work,

Thank you for you Freitag bag to carry my stuff,

egg & tuna muffin by chyeyee.

Thank you for the breakfast you've made for me to gain my strength,

Thank you for showing me many interesting places in Shanghai,

Thank you for making my dream come true.

Thank you, sis!

camera : LC-A+


rice said...

proud of you jeep, gambateh! :)

Eva Eva said...

i love you too sis!!!
anyway, it;s alwis very hang fuk being the youngest at home :)

althena said...

My bro just thank me too this afternoon. I hope to be like your sis to make my brothers' dream come true also. +U.

yewkong said...




ronniedamini said...

family love... :)

Wandernut said...

wahhh so sweet....
why my brother not like you wan?

khailing said...

aww.. so sweet. chyeyee should be really happy.