Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Luck!

Found these 3 pictures while reviewing the latest roll of my Lomo LC-A+, made something nonsense and boring on this series. These 3 pictures remind me of an old saying "Throw your mother's old shoe"(丢你妈的臭鞋), is a very popular way of cursing people indirectly. Since the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is now and I always dream to do Ad like those funny big idea entries in advertising awards, so I made up a series of community service Ad campaign of a fiction tinea pedis association of Hong Kong. Why Hong Kong? because the copy could only make sense in Cantonese; and also tinea pedis is well-known as Hong Kong foot.

camera : Lomo LC-A+


ling @ lengmuizai said...

好creative =D
我钟噫 =D

Ah Eva Eva said...

waiting ur mother's smelly shoe! GOOD!

Aldo Iram said...

Hey! your blog is so cool. I'm not into the whole "lomography cult", but I think your work is really good. I can't see the last three pictures, though.