Sunday, August 14, 2011

One day I'll be bald, you'll be toothless.

I always wonder if there's a movie about the life after a couple's "And they're living happily ever after" announced by a deep and old male voice over and a red curtain closed the stage with a spotlight casting on a THE END. Yes, tonight, I've found one, this is a movie that i thought i've seen myself in there, I always imagine how passion would i have with my girlfriend, how difficult we made to be together, and we kiss in the rain, make love in somewhere muddy and dirty but we don't care, we run away from everything, and things like that, and we have this very simple wedding ceremony and we live as passionate as when we're deeply in love with each other, everytime we see each other, we're like drunk or high on something, just laugh. BUT that's all not gonna happen.

This is life, we won't have slow motion running scene every rainy day, we don't break mirror, cried and hugging each other everyday, In fact in the future maybe We will bring two umbrella if it's rainning, we break some household item, my wife gonna ask me to clean it up myself. we will hate each other in some point in some seconds that came out from nowhere, that second just came out like that and we hate the one that we used to love who is now standing there for you every day every moment when you think of her, miss her and even when you don't wish to see her. we will argue, we will somehow maybe pushing each other, we'll regret for maybe a second but it gone in the next second and slapping ourself in the face and smile because we realised how stupid we are to think that way.

that's the princess that we wanted so badly during the college time, he is the quarterback of your high school that smiled on you when he find out you actually watched him played every day after school behind the fence.

So. hold her tight, hold her tight when you wake up from a loud argument, say you love her and sorry to her when your mind that has gone for a couple of seconds has finally come back. do you know that you're yelling at your sweetheart? think about the scene when you look at her and she looked you back. that's the reason that you're both don't talk to each other sometime, and saying something really bad but didn't really mean it at all. it all buried. we actually knew it.

she will turn old, she will shout and yell at the kids, she will become fat, she wouldn't be putting make up everyday anymore, she can get drunk at Friday night and doing crazy stuff on the street anymore because she's now maybe the mother of your son. she can't drive your son to school with her sexy bareback dress with g-string anymore, you know why? because she had given up all these because of you, she loves you and wanted to be with you no matter what, no matter what she's sacrificing. Think about it before you thinking of doing something stupid. Think about how crazy you were while we're young, we did crazy stuff, we insanely in love to each other, we promised we're unseparated. but now i'm thinking "what if i didn't do that?" hahahaha!


everyone must watch "Blue Valentine"
if you're married, think about why you're married and how silly you don't kiss your wife every morning when you 1st open your eye anymore, laugh at yourself if you're not holding her hand on the street anymore.
if you're not married yet, this is what you're going to face everyday it will keep happening after the red curtain falling down of your "Living Happily Ever After" ending. Damn this is a good movie!

Their argue scene and fighting scene are incredible.

"Well now then Mardy Bum
Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I
I thought as much
Cause you turned over there
Pulling that silent disappointment face
The one that I can't bear

Why can't we just laugh and joke around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away
Oh, but it's rate hard to remember,yeah
On a day like today when you're all argumentative
And you've got the face on
" - Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys


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S8j said...

thx ur sharing, welcome back blogger. i will watch this with my love one soon. :D

Ah Eva Eva said...

Gosh. When will this screening at Msia? btw, miss u jeep :P

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thanks for your warm welcoming. watched? ah eva eva! dim jek? how r u jek?

bb said...

Sometimes i dont think Marriage can bring u happiness !!! i still will say that ! I dont wanna marry =)