Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Problem is like Bra Strap

When you put back the dropped bra strap on your right shoulder, the left one drops. It happens If your shoulder is not wide enough but you're putting a fancy adult sexy bra. hahaha, this is a funny explanation, i was thinking to write something like "Every time you kill a life, another is born." "Every time you saved a fire, someone torch the wood again." but it's not really close to what i wanted to say, the bra straps is pretty closed, it's personal, it's on the shoulder, it happens to most of the girl (at least i've seen a lot of these sexy moves.) just like the narrator in the movie Submarine, in 1 hand relationship of his girlfriend, another hand his parents marriage.

Submarine, I watch movies trailer on iTunes Movie Trailers everyday, saw this movie trailer of a movie called Submarine saw some Super 8mm footage and very nice song and then i saw "Songs by Alex Turner" the frontman of my favourite band - Arctic Monkeys. how could i miss this movie, i waited and i waited.... ok, it's not gonna screen in China Mainland. I wait until it available in the internet. Finally watched it. and i like it.

Why it's called Submarine? is it the ultrasound that the narrator wish can be hear so he could find out what his parents and girlfriend's thinking? i don't know, but a lot of submarines appear in the movie: the mural, the matchbox, the encyclopedia...

And the OST is good.


Ah Eva Eva said...

another must watch movie.!

jeepeng said...

yes! must watch! and must listen to the OST!