Thursday, September 08, 2011

青海 Qing Hai

 This is where i've been disappearing for the last whole week, Qing Hai 青海。I was there for a charity shooting. Mostly interviewing kids who has recovered from operation and kids who are going to do the operation soon. and hopefully more people will take notice of these poor kids living in villages that really needed our help.

Didn't manage to take a lot of pictures because most of the time i'm recording, will surely go there again when i'm having holidays. it's a very beautiful place, nice weather: Summer at average 10-30ºc. very nice mutton and local yogurt.

The yellow flowers are 油菜花 can be seen during summer best around mid July at 门源,but the pictures above were taken at 青海湖. Most of the villages picture were shot at 贵德县. 贵德县's famous of it's clean 黄河.

Camera : Lomo LC-A
Films : Fuji RVP100F & Kodak EB3

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