Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'VE 5 movies, 5 i've... during 5ive days...

the very 1st: American Gangster, like it, good film, but no surprise, just another story telling movies, drugs' no good, don't do drugs, drugs kill, money's the boss...but there's good cop, there's justice... but the acting of those Oscar winners/nominees are perfectly done. worth watching.

2nd film goes...gone to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Love it, once again Marla Singer in silver screen, i meant Helena Bonham Carter. i think Tim burton likes Johnny Depp more that Johnny Depp does. but guess what? i fast-forwarded the ending, because i thought the ending would be like what i was thinking, but end-up... not to talk much here. worth watching+listening!

another version of "At last, my arm is complete again" ...edmund with LCA+ LOL!!!

3rd and 4th already blog about here, sorry for not translating into English, let me tell you how good were these 2 films, RENDITION & ATONEMENT.... they're real GOOD!

and the final(5th) film was, just recently, few hours ago... No Country for Old Men. a movie without music, feels like watching Cast Away.

3 major things i've learn from this Oscar Awards winning film,

1 : verb/description for death men should be in past tense, No Country for Old Men teach...taught me twice.

2 : there's a chinese saying "有錢使得鬼推磨"(money makes the mare go), but some devils are not hunting for money... hell knows what they want...~~~
3 : die before retirement.

once, i've seen a t-shirt with "LIFE IS NOT A JOB" i definitely agree with that,

OH, where can i get this t-shirt, i want to wear it in front of my boss, my wife, my mum's neighbour, yeah! i like that!!!

but... what should i do during my dying age? sitting in the living hall and wait for the last call? while(if i have) all my kids and grandson busy being IKEA-boy outside. i rather doing something...

at least, at least... i have the idea on what am i going to do today when i wake up in the early morning instead of ... ... ... ... tic-tac... tic-tac... ...tic-tac... tic-tac... alright, it's time to bed... ... ... ...


iamwen said...

life is not a job tee i also see before.. according to my friend he bought a giordano~ but i think now they change the theme already~

yisuen said...

atonement is an incredibly beautiful movie~!

jeepeng said...

yisuen, did you wach "The Noebook"? i think if you love Atonement, you'll love The Notebok as well。

yisuen said...

really? nvr watch The Notebook b4 leh~ but i did google moogle about it abit, looks interesting tho~ will go find it n watch :D
u like musical movie? if yes can go for Once, the best musical love movie u cud ever have :D

S8j said...

im back!!
u really finished alot movie huh!!!!
alot of thing todo after come back yar, disconnect for 12 days...
u are so hard work to blogging yar! good good! keep it up yar!