Tuesday, June 10, 2008


polaroided by rice

just like what i've blogged in Great Escape before, everyone need a space to release.
so many pain and bitterness were hiding behind this laughing Polaroid.
really appreciate whoever's hiding sadness and laugh out loud in front of cameras,
i salute to you all, i found fun and happiness there.

this is another main purpose of having outing together,
forget all the sad thing, melt ourselve into the laughter,
play hard, laugh loud, jump highest, sunburned deepest...
who cares, after the trip we back to work, during work,
we look at pictures that made during the trip in forum,
while watching-watching another trip is coming,
it's time to release again.

so please SavePolaroid!!!


S8j said...


jeepeng said...

we dig-dig-dig suddenly found dark grey sand in deeper underneath the surface of milky white sand =)

S8j said...

mmmm, is a good idea what!!!
nice nice!!!