Friday, March 28, 2008

Jeep's Hip Shot Bangkok

move & still
wheel & wave
fat & food
pull & push
pass & bus
hair & air
Mr. A & arrested
cap & coconut
1, 2 & 24
black & white
pose & point
sleep & slept
watch & watched
paid & pay

Below are Hip shot of people in Jatujak
beer & barefoot
left & right
(erm...) Japanese & Japanese?

Raining Jatujak
Jatujak after rain

Don't understand what were they saying, maybe some AIDS Campaign

sing & songbuskers

sweet & salt
People on street
sorry, 811...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

29-3-2008 BIG day

there's two thing i must done in 29 March 2008.
1st thing, clean my grandpa's grave, burn him some chinese incense, flowers, fruit, chinese tea...
something like pictures below, things that we can't forget to do, without them without us.

2nd thing i must do is : i'm gonna switch off whatever electronic application around me.
why? because its
Earth Hour, i think most of people aware of this, i don't have to say it again.

i hope more people can get involved, more people care about global warming issue, more people do it with their heart but not just follow the others, more people aware that if we don't do something now; we can't do nothing later.



How many times do a movie help you to spend life? i bet there must be some of you guys been watching a same movie more than over 100 times. For me, beside of Stephen Chow 周星馳's movies, these are the top 3, Laputa, Fight Club & The Shawshank Redemption.

i think i watch Laputa every days during standard 4,5 & 6, i think even mostly everyday in Form 1, during Standard Four i had my class in afternoon, everyday before going to school, i would watch it. That time was watching with VHS videotape, using a videotape cover as pencil box was a trend in school. i bet some of you have no idea what the hell am i talking about. i did a little design on it, with my favourite sportsman Micheal Jordan's pictures cut from newspapers. you saw Micheal Jordan from the outside but Kyoko Fukada inside, muahahahaha! Let me tell you something about VHS videotape, there's a little hole at the bottom of it, in between 2 advance wheels, what's that? when your tape is too tight, until you can't play it, you gotto insert a Kilometrico Pen into the hole, and use a Ringgit Malaysia 10sen coin which exactly fit into the advance wheel of VHS videotape. now turn the coin clockwise, yeah! the tape is loose, now you can enjoy you video again!

ops...out of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, directed by Hayao Miyazaki(宮崎 駿) .i got this videotape from a friend of my father. won't get bored watching it, and it is still my favourite among Miyazaki's series.

and the 2nd movie i watched the most is Fight Club, sometime i wish Tyler comes to my life...
just watched it again last weekend, still fresh & Flash! made my day! "No guts. No glory." tagline of the movie, ha! the first 10 times, it surprised me, 10 surprises, each time i press the "play" button, surprises awaiting me... ARRGGHHHH! can't help to swallow a soap!!!
and this is a movie that can make you scare at beginning, sad in the middle and smile at the end.
my dad said this is the only movie without superpower/extraordinary people by Stephen King.
funny thing about this movie is, why the Chinese title of the movie is 《刺激1995》, i don't understand...

do share with me your 100times movie, maybe it will be mine too?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'VE 5 movies, 5 i've... during 5ive days...

the very 1st: American Gangster, like it, good film, but no surprise, just another story telling movies, drugs' no good, don't do drugs, drugs kill, money's the boss...but there's good cop, there's justice... but the acting of those Oscar winners/nominees are perfectly done. worth watching.

2nd film goes...gone to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Love it, once again Marla Singer in silver screen, i meant Helena Bonham Carter. i think Tim burton likes Johnny Depp more that Johnny Depp does. but guess what? i fast-forwarded the ending, because i thought the ending would be like what i was thinking, but end-up... not to talk much here. worth watching+listening!

another version of "At last, my arm is complete again" ...edmund with LCA+ LOL!!!

3rd and 4th already blog about here, sorry for not translating into English, let me tell you how good were these 2 films, RENDITION & ATONEMENT.... they're real GOOD!

and the final(5th) film was, just recently, few hours ago... No Country for Old Men. a movie without music, feels like watching Cast Away.

3 major things i've learn from this Oscar Awards winning film,

1 : verb/description for death men should be in past tense, No Country for Old Men teach...taught me twice.

2 : there's a chinese saying "有錢使得鬼推磨"(money makes the mare go), but some devils are not hunting for money... hell knows what they want...~~~
3 : die before retirement.

once, i've seen a t-shirt with "LIFE IS NOT A JOB" i definitely agree with that,

OH, where can i get this t-shirt, i want to wear it in front of my boss, my wife, my mum's neighbour, yeah! i like that!!!

but... what should i do during my dying age? sitting in the living hall and wait for the last call? while(if i have) all my kids and grandson busy being IKEA-boy outside. i rather doing something...

at least, at least... i have the idea on what am i going to do today when i wake up in the early morning instead of ... ... ... ... tic-tac... tic-tac... ...tic-tac... tic-tac... alright, it's time to bed... ... ... ...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008




Keira Knightley,







爲什麽少了10分? 也是因爲Keira Knightley,








更好的是從“i can smell the sea."過後

在海灘開始同一個鏡頭, ....帶到...到...~~~酒吧去!


L'appartement (1996)"跟"Wicker Park(2004)"






Amnesty International 因爲...




Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy New Year, Malaysia

March 9, 2008
A historical day for Malaysia.
A winning day for democracy.
A new day of Malaysia.

For corrupt leader,
It’s a good day to die.

Congratulations, Malaysia!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


For 18 years, since the day i borned until the day i left Taiping,
i've never climb to Maxwell Hill,
but only with Jeep driving me to the resthouse on the peak,
last Thursday, after working in Sungai Petani,
Kahgiap decided to go Maxwell Hill, WTF?!
let me think when was the my previous excersice?
OH! May, 2007, Gunung Irau, Cameron Highland!
so, can you imagine how unhealthy am i?
with total not ready condition, i did...
i said "yes" to them, with a pair of North Star black canvas shoe,
while all the others has trekking shoe.
walk, walk, walk, talk, talk, talk...
i gave up...

pictures below were not taken in Maxwell Hill,
those are old pictures from Gunung Irau, Cameron Highland.
with Nikon FM2, expired Fuji RHP III asa 400, Nikkor 35mm f2.0,
the white balance of these pictures are wrong, because of expired film,
and mostly all are blurred, because there's not enough sunlight,
even through i was using ASA400 film...

can see the border between Pahang & Perak everywhere.
some close-up shot.
one of our guide.
the guide told us these "carpet-grass" are 1000+ years old.
man in a hole
tall, old, strong
ugly colour balance...
ah wai in action
green green green
green green green green
beauty of mess
steambot dinner