Tuesday, April 28, 2009

iPhoto, I Love You!

I just realized I can choose, edit & tag my photos with iPhoto and directly export to my Facebook, Apple Team & Facebook Team, you guys are genius!!! Love you!!!

my colorless

camera : Lomo Compact Automat

Monash Music Festival

Love Me Butch

camera : Lomo Compact Automat

Tantan afterbath

camera : Lomo Compact Automat

Friday, April 24, 2009

Taking Chance

I don't know Chance Phelps but I cried for him twice in 78 minutes.

In Taking Chance you don't even see a war scene, how marine fighting hard to defense their country; you don't even see a wounded marine, how suffer they are when they caught a bullet in their body. 

I got fooled by it's fake DVD cover with an injured Kevin Bacon (founder of the sixdegrees.org) holding a M16 and lot of bombing background. Then I was expecting some action movie that I can watch half or quarter and go to sleep...

But surprisingly it's a great film that make me forget about time. Two Thumbs Up! Especially the music in the movie, while the scene of driving in the highway & giving Chance's belongings to his family. The music and the tempo of the whole films are just prefect, eye drops just came out with the flow of the music. 

Then now I end up blogging about this, tomorrow must be a "fishing" day... 


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kahgiap & Yingtze Pre-Wedding, Perlis

film : Fuji Velvia 100f

清明节(Qingming Festival) 2009, Taiping

film : Expired Fuji Velvia 100f & Kodak E100V

Hot Air Balloon 2009, Putrajaya

Memebers of LomoAsia, Lomokids & LomotionSG
film : Expired Fuji Velvia 100f

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Balmain Military Jacket

all images credit to The Sartorialist

What so good about this jacket? Or just simply BALMAIN? or Michael Jackson?

I've seen this jacket several times on The Sartorialist, at first i thought it was very special & cool(on women). When the 2nd time i saw this jacket again on The Sartorialist, i was MSN-ing with Noreen, and i showed her the page and asked why everyone's wearing MJ's jacket, then She told me MJ is having back his King of Pop's crown, and having a World tour soon.

Yesterday when i was on The Sartorialist, i saw this jacket again, then i started curious about it, I Googled "Balmain Jacket" the 1st result was "Beyonce $12k Balmain Military Jacket", Wow! $12K!!! That's a lot of LC-A+, Diana+, Horizon Perfekt and tons of films!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Paul Smith X Lomography Fisheye 2

Finally, Thank you so much, yewkong!

It is now laying in my sister's Paul Smith X eBoy messenger bag. muahahaha!!!!